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Added Domain;

This will help us get the word out by being far easier to remember.  It should be up now, if you can't get it, try later today.  It should just redirect here.

I have the option to make it a simple redirect (as is), or a masking domain; i.e. "" will always appear in the url bar on the browser, eventhough you are actually on this site.  Masking is better for the "brand" but makes it hard to copy and paste the URL to a specific forum.

I currently have a 2-yr registration through, which I can transfer or renew at any time.  If we get really ambitious, I can set up a webserver through them as well and we can set up our own original content without being contrained to the "forums" -- not that the forums would go away.

Security NOTE:  If you have as a "trusted site", then going to will cause a popup, nothing to worry about, just one of those 'are you sure you want to do that, Dave?' things.  If you add to your trusted sites, that should go away.

sounds like a good idea. but i dont know te difference between the two.

I say redirect would be easiest and you could redirect into a primary webpage first and link to your forum.  This way if there is news, pictures or whatnot you can post that and/or the links in the first page.

Well, nobody stepped up to take this over, so the domain registration has lapsed. I doubt anyone else is going to buy it, but is sure was easier to tell people "", instead of "myquick... wait, um... fastforum.euro.... no.. damn, I'll send it to you in an email." Forum Index -> H-o-H Media
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