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A/C Recharge

Anyone know a good place to get a quick A/C recharge?  I don't want to risk some hack with a tank and a guage ....  I can get an AutoZone kit and do it myself for that.

Looking for some place that takes appointments or can get me in and out quick THIS week.

Why dont you just do it yourself?    Is it totally empty?  Do you have a leak?  How long ago was the system filled?  If its been a long time and there is a leak I would also look at replacing the drier.  I just converted mine from R12 to R134 this past weekend and filled it myself.  Blows ICE cold.  If you dont want to do it yourself Im sure any autoshop can do it.

You can do it yourself.  i have converted all of mine its very easy.  But if you want it done right I would take the car to to any shop that offers a/c work and have them vacuum the system.  Even small amounts of r12 will degrade the 134a.  Now if you want real cooling call around and find shops that are using Freeze 12 it cools better and is more efficient than 134a.  If you going to have the a/c serviced and filled, I will only recommend Macon Air on 247.

This is for my 2003 F150 (w/ R134a), just needs a recharge to be ice cold before my summer trip.  I did call Auto Air, but they don't do appointments.  I went to Oriely and bought a new kit (lost my old one), as I have done it many times.  Since my truck was stolen a few months ago, I just wanted to get it checked over by a pro this time.  I'm going to do it myself and if I have any issues after that, I'll head to Auto Air.

My MKII needs professional help, I'm afraid something is blocking one of the lines.  I had replaced most of the easy parts, had it all put together and took it down to EAC for a good vaccum and proper charge.  On the very short drive home, the newly rebuilt compressor blew the main seal and all my oil and R134 went spraying everywhere.  I'm willing to spend the $$$ to get it done right and reliable by a pro.

I would say you want to evac the system.  If you have a compressor you can pick up a evac system at harbor freight pretty cheap.  This is what I used...

As for freeze 12.  I have that in one of my cars.  It blows cold...i got it down to around 42 degrees.  My R134 system gets around 38.  My converted system is unknown right now since I dont have my thermometer to measure it right now.  But it feels just as cold as my freez12 system.   If you dont want to spend the time and money on a conversion, Freeze12 is a good way to go.  Just look at the cost because last time i filled with Freeze12 it was around $40 a pound.

Just a reminder I dont know all that much about VW's, but if the car you are talking about is the one in your sig than I would say you should have an R134 system.  In that case just fill it yourself and see if you can track down the leak.  Most recharge cans have a leak sealer and oil included in the can.  Hopefully this will help.  Good luck with it all

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