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99 Jetta Center Cap

hey when i bought my silver 99 jetta it was missing a center cap

(pimp silver thing at the center of the hub cap with the VW symbol)

any idea where i can buy an individual cap or all 4? can only find the hub caps with the center caps included...dont want to spend over 30$


Attaway tire was able to get me some Audi ones when i had my Audi.  Check with them, out on Gray Hwy.

vw sells them not too spendy either.  and depending on the color of the background they have them in stock.

any chance i can get a web page for that?

moved away from GA...cant seem to find any center caps on the web

-not too sure about the webpage but it is Butler VW in macon ph. is 478-781-7701

not in GA anymore sadly :(

only ones i could find that were OEM were on ebay... all the other ones arent VW at all :(
just ran a local search for nearby VW shops / dealers...found a good looking one within 12 miles...hopefully its what im looking for Smilie_PDT would hate to shell out 860$(so far teehee) in this jetta and have a missing hub cap :(

where you living now?  perhaps if you can't find some where you are one of us could pick them up for you.  PDT_Aliboronz_20

Bellevue, NE... close to omaha
im stopping by the performance shop tomo so ill tell you how it goes ^^!

so you at the foot huh?

more like a frying pan ....unless i completly misunderstood that lol


offuit (sp) air force base?  the foot for short.  PDT_Aliboronz_15

o hell ya...we just got hit by 3 about 5 min drive from me... one touched down on the base, i get to see the dmg tomo if they let us on to go to the gym there...

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