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Specialty Tool Loan Area

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Specialty Tool Loan Area
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Joined: 23 Jun 2007
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You know you've got 'em, and you know you need more... so share the wealth!  

Post up the specialty tools you have to loan and some kind of reliable contact information.  
You can also post requests for tools that are not listed

However, to keep this forum clean, please use the contact information listed to request a loaner (don't post here, it will be deleted).

We will just have to go on the Honor System to be sure everyone gets their tools back, so please, be courtious and treat every tool as if it were your own.  I suggest writing the owner an I.O.U.

Tip:  If you want to prevent BOTs from getting your phone number, put a space between each digit.  For added confusion, you can make each space "tiny".

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Joined: 23 Jun 2007
Posts: 761

Location: Macon, GA

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Here's what I got;

  • 9mm 12-point socket (VW Pressure Plate to Flywheel bolts)
  • Rear Disc Caliper Tool (this is the one for a rachet, does not use anything to push in)
  • Timing Belt Tensioning tool (modified an adjustable grinder wrinch... a little wonky, but works)
  • MKII Shifter Alignment Tool, OEM (may require slight adjustment with short shifters)
  • Interior pannel puller (like a prybar with a notch to get around push-in retainers)
  • Homemade MKI-MKIII "Toilet Bowl" header/DP spring clamp wedges (remove/install)
  • Variety of 13mm wrenches
  • 10, 13, 14, 15, 17mm GearWrenches
  • 22mm stubby wrench for accessory belt tensioning
  • 1/2" Ratchet/Breaker (great for suspension work)
  • Various bolt and screw extractors
  • Nut locking pliers (Felix's favorite - keeps you from rounding them off, or works on rounded ones -- especially good for brake line fittings)
  • Adjustable Timing Light w/ tach (for tuning!)
  • Homemade VW Electrical Connector pin extractor (made from an old wiper blade)  DON'T CUT YOUR HARNESS!!!
  • 17mm Allen socket (you know what for)
  • Large Allen wrench set, including 17mm
  • Vac/Pressure gage for fuel and vac testing.
  • Full set of 1/2" impact sockets from ~10mm-32mm (good for driving seals and bearings too)
  • Lots of steel punches and drifts
  • Grinder
  • Bench grinder
  • Small drill press
  • Magnetic spark plug socket
  • Mini-Vise
  • Pilot bearing puller (inside bearing with 3 jaws, works for rear disc bearing removal)
  • #8, 10, & 12 Star (12-point allen) bits for driveshaft bolts

PS  If anybody barrowed a universal brake caliper kit from Mark sometime duri*ng 2006-2007, it's mine and I would like it back.  It's in a red blow-molded plastic box, cheap kind like at autoparts tool loan or Harbor Freight.

Adam Wofford (678) 2 2 3 - 3 1 8 8 or PM me

-A. Dub
1992 MkII Jetta GL 8V

(I like playing with forums)
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man where do i start.  i got alot of tools so just ask lol

i have:

  • a cherry picker (engine crane)
  • lots of wrenches (some really big ones to)
  • big sockets for axle nuts.
  • alot of deep well sockets
  • allen sockets
  • welder
  • all kinds of pullers (gear, ps, pulley)
  • vacum pump (for testing  vacum actuators and such, also great for bleeding clutch)
  • BIG pry bar (and lil one's to)
  • vise that is unmounted
  • battery charger (she is old but mighty)
  • 17mm allen socket
  • 9mm socket for clutch jobs
  • your moms left hand
  • portable air tank
  • air compressor

im sure there is more pm or call my cell.  or hit me up at one of the meetings


madness in a can of spam.
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Okay, here goes....

-Mk2 and Mk4 Bentley Manuals for Jetta/Golf
-UOHC Valve Spring Compressor
-30mm Axle Nut Socket
-32mm Axle Nut Socket
-Triple square set (flywheel and axles)
-Polydrive Socket (for mk4 headbolts)
-Cam chain locking tool (20v)
-Most torx bits (haven't needed one i didn't have!)
-Timing belt tensioner tool (8v)
-Timing light
-Engine analyzer (dwell, volts, rpm, etc. good for timing)
-Engine lift
-Engine stand
-Set of both 4x100 & 5x100 wheels good for picking up rolling shells!
-Impact wrench with sockets from 12mm to 21mm
-DA Sander
-Gravity fed paint gun
-Screw driver 3/8dr sockets
-Pry bars of all sizes (i don't brag about by big pry bar like Felix, lol)
-All the normal stuff, wrenches 7mm to 21mm, sockets tiny to 26mm, locking pliers, channel locks, breaker bar, yada yada yada, lol

Also, although I am only just now doing mechanical stuff somewhat well (I'm stick a monkey with a wrench that happens to be able to Google very well), I can totally paint. Am I pro? No, but I'm 1337...that's totally better. I direct you to my facebook page for pix of proof. It's a computer...but you get the idea. If you need the tools, just let me know by PM, phone call, or at a meet!


2005 Jetta GLI :: 1999 Jetta TDI :: 1999 Passat V6 :: 1989 Jetta Coupe 8v
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